31 Ways to Save Money

Buy in bulk Don’t waste electricity Eat out less Eat at home more Don’t pay bills late Don’t waste food Don’t waste money on others Reduce your alcohol consumption Don’t have a car Don’t have a house Switch off your lights Pay your bills on time Don’t use your credit card Eat at home more … Read more

What is an interest bearing account

Interest Bearing Accounts An interest bearing account is a deposit account from which you can earn interest. The interest rate on the account is usually variable, meaning it changes periodically, but this is not always the case. The account may be with a bank, credit union, financial institution, or brokerage company, and the funds are … Read more

Can you pay a credit card off with another.

Have you ever wonder can you pay a credit card off with another.. There are a couple options. These include Paying Off a Credit Card with a Cash Advance and Using a Balance Transfers To Pay Off a Credit Card. Paying Off a Credit Card with a Cash Advance Can you pay off a credit … Read more

How to get a bank statement from your financial institution

What is a bank statement? A bank statement is one of the most common tools that can be used to monitor your finances. A bank statement typically includes information such as the date of the statement, the account type, the account number, the account balance, transactions that have occurred, and transactions that have been posted … Read more