Pawn vs Sell

Pawn vs Sell what is the difference. Both may appear to be the similar but there are differences.

Pawn vs Sell

Pawn vs Sell

We sometimes find ourselves in a difficult situation and need cash quickly. Gong to the bank for a loan is an option but we may find ourselves in need of cash quickly and obtaining a loan may be difficult for some of us.

There are a common set of items that Pawn Shops will accept the list includes, diamonds, genuine jewelry and luxury watches. Some brokers may also accept guns, video game consoles, laptops and smartphones.


Pawning an item involves giving the item up in exchange for money. Pawning an item often does not guarantee receiving a lot cash for the item. Pawn Brokers will estimate the value of the item and will agree to lend you a percentage of the value of the item your are pawning. When you pay for the item you will have to also consider the interest charges.


Selling an Item means that you give up the item and in return you get cash. You no longer have any rights to the item. You can sell the item to pawn shops and of course you have the choice of other mediums such as eBay and offer up.

Pawn vs Sell The Difference

Both involve giving up the item in exchange for cash. However, when you sell an item it is gone forever. When you pawn an item you will receive the item back when you have paid off the loan and the interest charges. So for things with a sentimental valve pawning is a better option.

If the item does not have any sentimental valve and you wish to receive the highest dollar amount at the time of the transaction then selling would be the better option.

Of course pawning an item is basically a loan and Pawn shops will have strict schedules of payment that you will have to keep to avoid negative repercussions.

Selling an item is a clean transaction you receive the funds and move on.

So if you have no desire to hold onto the item then you probably should sell the item for the highest dollar value.

And if you wish to hold onto the item then you should probably pawn the item.

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