Routing Number 124303162


Routing Number 124303162 is the Bank routing number for Go2bank.

Routing Number 124303162

Bank Name:Go2bank
Bank Address:
Sandy, UT
Bank Phone:
Office Type:Main

Routing Number

A Routing number is a nine-digit code issued by the Federal Reserve that identifies a financial institution. They are used by the Federal Reserve to process Fedwire transfers, ACH(Automated Clearing House) direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers Routing Number 124303162 can be found on a check. The routing number used for checking, savings and money market accounts will identify the financial institution where the account was opened and is located.

As with any other number, a bank routing number lets you check an account’s current status. The bank uses this number to let you know which banking transactions have been made on your account. The banks routing numbers are called ‘RDFs’ – Resource Descriptive Database Functional Principles.

Banks and financial institutions can publish their routing numbers on their web sites as a service to consumers. Unlike a regular bank account number, however, a routing number is not private information and does not have to be protected or secured. You can get this number by visiting the company’s Web site. For instance, one bank may publish its routing numbers on its home page for customers to see. Another bank may use security features on its Web site so that your financial data cannot be accessed without your authorization.

Routing Number 124303162 can be compared to a check number. Look at the way that the two numbers are treated. A check is a written notation from your bank that instructs a employee to deduct a particular checkbook from your checking account. With a routing number, you deposit money into an account and the check number tells the employee to deduct that checkbook from your account. Thus, when you give the Routing Number 124303162 to the person who is deducting from your account, the person knows exactly whom to debit your account.

Unlike check account numbers, routing numbers don’t have to be secret. Anyone can look up who owns a particular bank and where they live by searching the Internet. Also, anyone can check an account and determine whether it is full or not by looking up the routing numbers associated with those bank accounts. Thus, you do not have to worry about someone taking your money and running. You can check online and find out instantly.

Besides their use in business, some banks make routing numbers available to employees for use in their personal lives. When you order checks online, the merchant’s Web site will give you a routing number so that you can put it in your account. If you get a lot of business checks, you can have two sets of routing numbers. This means that each of your sets of account numbers can belong to different places.

The Routing Number 124303162 is used to keep your checkbook in order and to prevent check fraud. If you get a large number of deposits in your name, the financial institution may look up your routing number to see what checks have been written out. It will make sure that all checks that were made out to you were actually deposited in your name. It may also look up your first and last name to see if there is any common connection. This will help them trace back who the person is who wrote the checks. They will then make sure that the person who gave them the deposit is the one who is paying them.


GO2BANK is a division of Green Dot Bank. Go2Bank is a financial technology and registered bank holding company focused on making modern banking and money movement accessible for all.

About GO2BANK: As a service to financial market players, Go2Bank is a private mobile bank providing low-cost cash advances and other services with interest. With almost half a billion dollars in assets, this financial institution is one of the largest in the UK and considered as an important financial centre in the country. The services are offered through a mobile phone network, online banking, direct debits and many more.

There are two kinds of accounts available with this financial institution; first is the secured one which requires you to open an account with collateral, this is followed by the non-secured one that does not require any collateral. In case of non-secured loan, you will be charged with higher interest rates and no mobile banking facilities. So, it is always advisable to go for the secured option as you will be able to enjoy these benefits along with low interest rates.

One of the major advantages of these services is that you can get your money faster as there are no processing fees and the processing takes place within 24 hours. This means that you do not have to wait for a long time to get your overdraft protection back. In addition, there are also no monthly fees. You also have the freedom of setting up your own electronic banking and choose from a variety of financial products such as checking account, savings account, credit card, debit card, ATM card, cash deposit and many more.

The various services provided by this financial institution include online banking, online transactions, pay via debit card, pay via credit card, electronic check, electronic transfer and many more. If you are looking to earn some extra cash every month, you can opt for an interest saving checking account with this bank. This is because, it provides you with the facility to pay your overdraft protection within the specified period of time without paying additional fee. In addition, you can pay your loan early to avoid penalty or interest charges.

The best thing about this service provider is that they offer mobile cash back facility to their account holders. In this regard, you need to make sure that you go through the terms and conditions to know more about the benefits of this service. In this regard, it has been mentioned that if you pay your overdraft protection within the specified number of days, you can enjoy mobile cash back facility. In simple words, you can withdraw cash from your mobile without paying any kind of fee.

Hence, you need to learn more about this bank to know about different schemes that can help you earn interest. On the other hand, you can opt for an interest saving savings account if you want to opt for a regular savings account. If you are willing to invest money in a big way, you can go for the conventional account.

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